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Pirate Circus – Song Details

Song details for the song Pirate Circus, from the Pirate Circus EP, releases December 2020

The pirates are plundering the people again. Making a real circus of it. This song was written to call attention to the social injustices of the world that need correcting. A song to dance to in spite of the injustices. A song for burning the oppressor’s effigies in wild abandon at the bonfires of reckoning and collective cathartic release. It’s the people’s turn to plunder and party.

Or maybe we just pulled this out of the magical musical either. It means something or nothing.  We sure like it and want to share it. During a session in the main Creature Den at Miles’s house, the ideas were flowing freely. Faulks just starts playing this bouncing keyboard riff. Like nothing we’d played before. Sounded like being welcomed to the circus, or a nightclub polka. Miles puts down some drums and bass quickly to keep it going. Faulks picks up his guitar and works his magic for the next hour or two. Plenty of material for Miles to later edit into a track to be released for the Weekly Beats 2020 project. This version released here is pretty much the same as it was that night.

Miles says: “We go with what comes out in the moment. We’re sometimes both scratching out heads like, where did this thing come from? But we don’t question or second guess. We let the ideas flow, capture them and keep an open mind. Faulks blew my mind again on this session. Just playing this supper interesting circus organ kind of riff, then grabbing his guitar and playing some lovely lyrical lines as he can do. Maybe he had this in his back pocket for a while, has always wanted to record it and saved it for our session? I dug out some parts of the season to use in finished song (which is always hard), and added some vocal sounds. This song always kinds of reminded me of a wild circus party, and for some reason I thought of pirates. I like the idea of pirates dancing and raising a glass in merriment. I had recently gone to Disneyland (luckily right before the pandemic hit in 2020), so I dropped in some audio recorded at some popular pirate-themed attractions there. The truth is, I don’t think we really know what this song means, what inspired it or where it came from. I don’t even know what style to label this as, and I’m not going to try. I remember we were smiling the whole time we jammed on this, and had fun making it.  We hope you enjoy it too!”



AM Faulks: Keys, Guitar, Vision Inspiration

AA Miles: Drums, Bass, Production

Song breakdown video, technical details, and more production notes come soon!