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Monstrosus Among Us – Song Details

Song details for the song Monstrosus Among Us, from the Pirate Circus EP, released December 2020.

Another amazing, surprising, and entertaining result of the creative explosions of AM Faulks (aka Monstrosus). He played all these keyboard parts out of the blue during the same session we recorded Pirate Circus. He then took over on the Ableton Push and played all these drums parts. That’s right – these drums were recorded finger drumming on the Push. Miles pulled this edit together for Weekly Beats 2020, adding an 808 break in the middle section, and some vocals written as an homage to Mr. Monstrosus.

Miles: “At first I wasn’t sure if this would, should, could become its own song. It was another damn fun jam session, sure. But I thought, meh, maybe this isn’t really our sound. Blah blah blah. I don’t like those kinds of second-guessing thoughts. They keep good art buried forever. This performance from Faulks impressed me maybe even more than what he did on Pirate Circus. So right around his birthday, I dug into this session and made a complete song for Weekly Beats. Did some vocoder voices and made up some lyrics about Mr Monstrosus: fighting for justice and making some damn fresh beats along the way. Time to take it to the streets!


AM Faulks: Keys, Drums, Vision

AA Miles: Drums, Bass, Production, Voice

Song breakdown video, technical details, lyrics, and more production notes coming soon!