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Jamuary 2021

Jamming in January 2021. These spontaneous improvised daily (or close to it) creations are super fun and remind us creators to just create, flow, and go vs. stressing about production and perfection. A great way to explore lots of ideas (quickly). I hear Jamuary was thought up by Cuckoo, much respect! 
All the jams:

Some Notes

Day 6

I wanted to do a jam using all Brian Funk Ableton packs (because they’re awesome and I use then a lot – much respect!). Pulled in some of his 808’s pack presets, then added Glitch Drums and Tape Drums percussion tracks. At first was just going to find the sounds I wanted to use in proper jam for tomorrow. Then since I was using with the LaunchPad Pro mk3, I started playing with the probability and mutation features. Plunked notes in at random, then changed their probability and “mutated” them, then printed results to clips. Stopped and start clips, recorded, minor edit to levels. Then dropped Zwobot in for visuals, set some devices to respond to beat and morph around. I though of squids. Squids morphing into power squids of beauty and communicating to us telepathically.

Brian Funks 808’s pack!

and Super Tape Drums

Sharing these over on Instagram:…
And Reddit Jamuary sub … maybe others? I’m just getting familiar with all the reddit subs. So much.

Day 5

This #Jamuary regular jamming thing is fun! Reminds me not to think about perfection and polish – just flow and go .. and share! Not sure I’ll post every day, we’ll see! Here’s a little jam on Elektron Model:Cycles being sequenced by Novation Launchpad Pro MK3, and some little bits of twankly silly from the Teenage Engineeing Pocket Operator 35 Speak. Let’s jam!