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  • Tentative Nadir – New Song and Video FX for Disquiet Junto 0513

    Tentative Nadir – New Song and Video FX for Disquiet Junto 0513

    An ominous lurking pulse with pulsating FX flames from the depths for Halloween and Disquiet Junto 0513. The Assignment: Play that spooky music.
    Music is an edit of a live session with License doing melody on Korg Monologue and percussion on the Octatrack and Creatures Miles doing low end on Circuit Monostation and dronishness from the Organelle. Edit and mix done in Ableton Live.

    Video FX made with Zwobot in Ableton Live.


    More on this 513th weekly Disquiet Junto project — Ghost OST (The Assignment: Play that spooky music) — at:

    More on the Disquiet Junto at:

    Subscribe to project announcements here:

    Project discussion takes place on

    There’s also a Disquiet Junto Slack. Send your email address to for Slack inclusion.

  • New Album – Brass Caps

    New Album – Brass Caps


    This is an upbeat album with house, world, funk, dub and hip-hop vibes. We created this in summer of 2021. It features horns, guitars, accordion lots of percussion, and a song about mushrooms of course.

    Stream the full album now!



    Here’s a one-minute song preview with video FX visuals from the Oct 15th Creatures Once 2021 album Brass Caps.

    Full song: “Les Champignons”


  • Contemplative Theory – A Mellow Improvisation on Tongue Drum and Circuit for Jamuary 2021

    An improvised jam for #jamuary2021 on the Novation Circuit and RAV Vast D Celtic minor tongue drum. Started on the Circuit with some delayed hi-hats then quickly improvised some simple repetitive parts. Then started the video recording and improvised along on the tongue drum. I like how this came out and may turn it into a full track some day. This was created after doing a more energetic jam. I’m learning that if I want to make some nice chill music, I need to get the craziness out first.

  • Ice Beat For Disquiet Junto 0471 – Made A Beat With Ice, Glasses and Water

    Ice Beat For Disquiet Junto 0471 – Made A Beat With Ice, Glasses and Water

    Having fun dropping, stirring, splashing and shaking. All sounds from what’s shown in the video. Love the sonic possibilities from these materials. This was made for the Disquiet Junto project. This is also my contribution to Jamuary2021 for today :).

    To create this I recorded the icey water play, then chopped (lots of chopping), re-pitched, and mangled samples in Ableton Live. Pitched down and lots of filtering for bass notes.

    All video editing done in Ableton Live. Lots of little video chops shown here syncing up with an export of the final audio:

    Ended up with 10 tracks of audio. Since I was doing video, I was editing the audio of the video clips. I wanted to convert samples to Simpler device and jam on the Push more, but then no video for that. There is one track of that though. So lots of little micro audio edits. Fun enough. Kind of time consuming. And my mousing wrist hurts today!

    Ableton Live Session for Ice Beat

    If anyone would like this Ableton Live set and the samples, let me know in the comments.


    More on this 471st weekly Disquiet Junto project — Phase Transition / The Assignment: Record the sound of ice in a glass and make something with it


    License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

  • Jamuary 2021 – Jamming in January

    Jamuary 2021 – Jamming in January

    Jamming in January 2021. These spontaneous improvised daily (or close to it) creations are super fun and remind us creators to just create, flow, and go vs. stressing about production and perfection. A great way to explore lots of ideas (quickly). I hear this was thought up by Cuckoo, much respect! 

    Check out the playlist below and this page for videos and notes about all these Jamuary jams.


  • Mind Design – New Tongue Drum Song – Final Weekly Beat Song of 2020

    Mind Design – New Tongue Drum Song – Final Weekly Beat Song of 2020

    Here’s a new song created around the Rav Vast D Celtic minor tongue drum, drum set, Arturia soft-synths and keys, and voice through the Mininova and Kaoss pad. This one is still a little rough around the edges in the mix, so it’s not out on all streaming services yet. Super excited to have completed 52 out of 52 songs for Weekly Beats 2020 this year! A lot of work, but very inspiring and rewarding. Many insights to share about that experience here in the future.

    Here’s the final song video for Mind Design

    About this song

    Here’s what I wrote about it over on Weekly Beats:

    I originally thought I’d and try and fit in a little bit of my favorites from this year: fave synths, percussion, samples, vocal things. Started with drum set jam thinking “tango.” I realized I forgot what a tango sounds like, so I just jammed and had a lot of fun. Since the tongue drum has been a favorite tool the later half of the year, I then jammed, and recorded that. Then as it turns out, not too much time to add much else. Spent some time digging through and finding the parts I liked, putting together and arranging as usual. In the end, I like some of these sounds and parts and arrangement mostly … but the mix is meh. Kept fiddling around, and somehow close to deadline it seems like it got muddier and worse than it was earlier. But the ears and mind are also tired. I did some some vocal sounds and kept riffing on some lines about “It’s all a design you control with your mind” … so there’s the title.

    This has been a fun year, my first full 52 club. As usual the weekly deadline is what I like to push myself to keep creating and learning. And I learned a lot this year. Most importantly I was super inspired by this amazing community. THANKS EVERYONE for all your music and you comments.



  • Here’s A Little Holiday Song Inspired by Greensleeves – Holiday Music Lessons

    Here’s A Little Holiday Song Inspired by Greensleeves – Holiday Music Lessons

    Little Henry just wants to learn Greensleeves from his esteemed teacher Jean Pierre. He’s got some issues though. He can’t decide whether to play his cornet or the drum set. Does he know the difference? Little Lena is called upon to accompany on piano. She gets the arrangement a bit mixed up in the beginning. They have a little fun. Some improvisational good times. Then they get it better in the end. The teacher Jean Pierre is tough, but fair. In the end, they all have a laugh. Greensleeves is good to go! Time for Eggnog ya’ll!

    Ok, so the real story: Every other year (when I make weekly songs for the Weekly Beats project) I do a song sampling my daughter playing a holiday piano song, usually one for her winter recital. This year we recorded her playing some Greensleeves, classic. I asked her make it swing. Nailed it. Then I played drums along with that. Added in some bass and extras in Ableton. Also sped it up a bit. Wanted some fun voice samples. Super happy I quickly found this one on, called “laughing-record-vaudeville-routine-1923.” In some ways it kind of fit our day of playing around. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • Creating a New Song – Ableton Push Improvisation Jam – Won’t Quit It

    Creating a New Song – Ableton Push Improvisation Jam – Won’t Quit It
    Won't Quit It Ableton Push Jam
    Ableton Push Jam

    This is one of the most common ways I start creating songs: improvising on the Ableton Push. If Mr. Faulks is around, he’ll add in guitar and more keys. In this case it was just me. After the Push jam, I added vocals using the Kaoss Pad 3, and TC Helicon Talkbox Synth pedal controlled by the Novation Circuit.

    This video shows a 9-minute edit of the 1 hour session I recorded.

    This is the song I ended up creating from the sounds I recorded:

    Here’s what I wrote about creating this song over on Weekly Beats:

    Some instruments or tools are just easier to get into that flow state with. Ideas easily translate from the ether to the digits or the limbs, and you don’t have to stop and think too much. You just … flow. For me, that instrument is the Push. I haven’t flowed with it for a few weeks. So I sat down for an hour or two and had some fun. Maybe a vague idea in the heads of mambo this or garage that, or make me dance now … but open-minded, just waiting to see what’s up there in the place songs come from. Then there’s editing. It’s so easy in Ableton live to turn all your raw flow material into something else entirely and to get into a flow state while editing too. So the final edit uses a lot of the material I recorded but came out different than what I originally thought. When editing I’m trying to have little moments where a few things come through, and not just having everything in at once. Shout out to Ty Dolla Sign on his episode of Song Exploder on Netflix talking about his classic “LA”: he said how he wants just “little explosions” of ideas in the song, and it’s fine if things only appear in one little explosion. Made up these words, haven’t discovered what they mean yet. Vocals through Kaoss pad, and the talkbox synth pedal with Circuit as carrier. I recorded video of the Push and vocals sessions, going to chop that down a bit and will link here and put on the Creatures Once YouTube channel as well.

    Also, most importantly: I caught up on a lot of WB music this week … and got totally inspired by all of you. As hard has it can be to do WB, I’m going to miss it next year!


  • New Song – Helpless (in your arms) – Weekly Beats 2020 Week 50

    New Song – Helpless (in your arms) – Weekly Beats 2020 Week 50

    Wow! Only two weeks left of Weekly Beats 2020. Here’s a new song for week 50.


    Here’s what I wrote about it over on Weekly Beats:

    I released a new EP this week. It has three songs featuring longtime collaborator AM Faulks on guitar and keys. Working on that reminded me we had some jam session recordings I haven’t turned into songs yet, so I went digging for those. This session was called “Funky Jesus.” I remembered it instantly. He was playing on the keys and we thought his riff sounded like it could be a gospel churchy kind of thing. He even did a little vocals in the session, saying “walk with me Jesus” kind of trying to channel a preacher. Was all for laughs as neither of us are Christians or participants in organized religion. I really liked all the keyboard playing so decided to turn this into something. Didn’t want to do an ironic religious thing. Wanted to be more serious. Made up some words about love, partnership, commitment basically. If there’s anything close to god and religion I can think of, it’s love. Shout out to my wife of many years who helps me feel the love and sing stuff like this! And shout out to the awesome playing of AM Faulks – it’s a mystery where he gets this stuff from, but glad I get to hear it.

    You can check the Pirate Circus EP out on Bandcamp, Spotify or all the streaming places. Some track notes on our website, with more being added regularly.

    Thanks for listening. Two more weeks. Can’t believe it!

  • The Pirate Circus is Here!

    The Pirate Circus is Here!

    Our new EP Pirate Circus is here!

    Creatures Once Pirate Circus EP Cover
    Creatures Once Pirate Circus EP Cover

    Read about and listen to the release here: Pirate Circus EP

    Check it out on all the streaming services here:

    Some links to the streaming services and more here: