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Category: Official Releases

  • New Album – Brass Caps

    New Album – Brass Caps

      This is an upbeat album with house, world, funk, dub and hip-hop vibes. We created this in summer of 2021. It features horns, guitars, accordion lots of percussion, and a song about mushrooms of course. Stream the full album now!     Here’s a one-minute song preview with video FX visuals from the Oct…

  • The Pirate Circus is Here!

    The Pirate Circus is Here!

    Our new EP Pirate Circus is here! Read about and listen to the release here: Pirate Circus EP Check it out on all the streaming services here: Some links to the streaming services and more here:  

  • Fighting For Years – We Will Rise

    Fighting For Years – We Will Rise

    Our new two-song single is out! These songs were both created after attending Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year. These were created as reminders and celebrations of the fact that we can and should continue to fight for change. There are causes we must keep fightings for, and together we have to believe and…

  • We Have Now Returned To Start

    We Have Now Returned To Start

    Here we are. Our first release: Return to Start We have returned. We are just getting started. Let’s go!