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Category: Improvisation

  • Contemplative Theory – A Mellow Improvisation on Tongue Drum and Circuit for Jamuary 2021

    An improvised jam for #jamuary2021 on the Novation Circuit and RAV Vast D Celtic minor tongue drum. Started on the Circuit with some delayed hi-hats then quickly improvised some simple repetitive parts. Then started the video recording and improvised along on the tongue drum. I like how this came out and may turn it into…

  • Jamuary 2021 – Jamming in January

    Jamuary 2021 – Jamming in January

    Jamming in January 2021. These spontaneous improvised daily (or close to it) creations are super fun and remind us creators to just create, flow, and go vs. stressing about production and perfection. A great way to explore lots of ideas (quickly). I hear this was thought up by Cuckoo, much respect!  Check out the playlist…