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Creatures Once creates eclectic music for all the creatures.

We create by improvising, following our curiosity and the muse of the moment.

Our songs span electronic, hip-hop, funk, world, alternative, indie, and jazz. We play guitars, drums and percussion, synths, and sampling to create our sound.

Our core members are longtime friends who met in high-school marching band producer and instrumentalist Aaron August Miles (aka miraclemiles in some places), and instrumentalist AM Faulks (aka Monstrosus). Frequent collaborators include synthesist License.

We reside in Spokane, Washington, USA.

Reach out to us: creaturesonce at gmail . com

Find us in all the places:

Instragram: creatures_once

Facebook: /creaturesonce

Soundcloud: miraclemiles

Stream us on Spotify

Apple Music

and everywhere else: @creaturesonce