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Ice Beat For Disquiet Junto 0471 – Made A Beat With Ice, Glasses and Water

Having fun dropping, stirring, splashing and shaking. All sounds from what’s shown in the video. Love the sonic possibilities from these materials. This was made for the Disquiet Junto project. This is also my contribution to Jamuary2021 for today :).

To create this I recorded the icey water play, then chopped (lots of chopping), re-pitched, and mangled samples in Ableton Live. Pitched down and lots of filtering for bass notes.

All video editing done in Ableton Live. Lots of little video chops shown here syncing up with an export of the final audio:

Ended up with 10 tracks of audio. Since I was doing video, I was editing the audio of the video clips. I wanted to convert samples to Simpler device and jam on the Push more, but then no video for that. There is one track of that though. So lots of little micro audio edits. Fun enough. Kind of time consuming. And my mousing wrist hurts today!

Ableton Live Session for Ice Beat

If anyone would like this Ableton Live set and the samples, let me know in the comments.


More on this 471st weekly Disquiet Junto project — Phase Transition / The Assignment: Record the sound of ice in a glass and make something with it


License: Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

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