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Mind Design – New Tongue Drum Song – Final Weekly Beat Song of 2020

Creatures Once Mind Design Song Image

Here’s a new song created around the Rav Vast D Celtic minor tongue drum, drum set, Arturia soft-synths and keys, and voice through the Mininova and Kaoss pad. This one is still a little rough around the edges in the mix, so it’s not out on all streaming services yet. Super excited to have completed 52 out of 52 songs for Weekly Beats 2020 this year! A lot of work, but very inspiring and rewarding. Many insights to share about that experience here in the future.

Here’s the final song video for Mind Design

About this song

Here’s what I wrote about it over on Weekly Beats:

I originally thought I’d and try and fit in a little bit of my favorites from this year: fave synths, percussion, samples, vocal things. Started with drum set jam thinking “tango.” I realized I forgot what a tango sounds like, so I just jammed and had a lot of fun. Since the tongue drum has been a favorite tool the later half of the year, I then jammed, and recorded that. Then as it turns out, not too much time to add much else. Spent some time digging through and finding the parts I liked, putting together and arranging as usual. In the end, I like some of these sounds and parts and arrangement mostly … but the mix is meh. Kept fiddling around, and somehow close to deadline it seems like it got muddier and worse than it was earlier. But the ears and mind are also tired. I did some some vocal sounds and kept riffing on some lines about “It’s all a design you control with your mind” … so there’s the title.

This has been a fun year, my first full 52 club. As usual the weekly deadline is what I like to push myself to keep creating and learning. And I learned a lot this year. Most importantly I was super inspired by this amazing community. THANKS EVERYONE for all your music and you comments.




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