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Here’s A Little Holiday Song Inspired by Greensleeves – Holiday Music Lessons

Little Henry just wants to learn Greensleeves from his esteemed teacher Jean Pierre. He’s got some issues though. He can’t decide whether to play his cornet or the drum set. Does he know the difference? Little Lena is called upon to accompany on piano. She gets the arrangement a bit mixed up in the beginning. They have a little fun. Some improvisational good times. Then they get it better in the end. The teacher Jean Pierre is tough, but fair. In the end, they all have a laugh. Greensleeves is good to go! Time for Eggnog ya’ll!

Ok, so the real story: Every other year (when I make weekly songs for the Weekly Beats project) I do a song sampling my daughter playing a holiday piano song, usually one for her winter recital. This year we recorded her playing some Greensleeves, classic. I asked her make it swing. Nailed it. Then I played drums along with that. Added in some bass and extras in Ableton. Also sped it up a bit. Wanted some fun voice samples. Super happy I quickly found this one on, called “laughing-record-vaudeville-routine-1923.” In some ways it kind of fit our day of playing around. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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