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New Song – Helpless (in your arms) – Weekly Beats 2020 Week 50

Helpless Song Art

Wow! Only two weeks left of Weekly Beats 2020. Here’s a new song for week 50.

Creatures Once & miraclemiles · Helpless (in your arms) – aka Funky Jesus


Here’s what I wrote about it over on Weekly Beats:

I released a new EP this week. It has three songs featuring longtime collaborator AM Faulks on guitar and keys. Working on that reminded me we had some jam session recordings I haven’t turned into songs yet, so I went digging for those. This session was called “Funky Jesus.” I remembered it instantly. He was playing on the keys and we thought his riff sounded like it could be a gospel churchy kind of thing. He even did a little vocals in the session, saying “walk with me Jesus” kind of trying to channel a preacher. Was all for laughs as neither of us are Christians or participants in organized religion. I really liked all the keyboard playing so decided to turn this into something. Didn’t want to do an ironic religious thing. Wanted to be more serious. Made up some words about love, partnership, commitment basically. If there’s anything close to god and religion I can think of, it’s love. Shout out to my wife of many years who helps me feel the love and sing stuff like this! And shout out to the awesome playing of AM Faulks – it’s a mystery where he gets this stuff from, but glad I get to hear it.

You can check the Pirate Circus EP out on Bandcamp, Spotify or all the streaming places. Some track notes on our website, with more being added regularly.

Thanks for listening. Two more weeks. Can’t believe it!


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