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Stereo Tongues – New Song – Percussion Jam on Rav Vast Tongue Drum, Talking Drum – Weekly Beats 2020 Week 49


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A post shared by Aaron Miles (@creatures_once)

Time for another percussion-heavy song. Layered the Rav Vast D minor Celtic tongue drum. Panned those layers, distortion for some nice droning effect. Also joining this party is the talking drum, djembe, shekere, piano and synths. Created for Weekly Beats 2020, week 49.

Recorded the process and put this quick video edit together. There are some sounds I added in Ableton, in addition to the percussion I recorded. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more about what those are, and about the production in general, and I’ll add more details!

Here’s what I wrote about this song over at Weekly Beats:

For a few weeks now, I keep wanting to make a track starting with question: “What would Stereolab do?” It keeps not really happening, or I go in another direction. Or Stereolab is too amazing for me to understand. Anyway, what the metaphysical doctor ordered was some percussion. Needed to hit things (long week … ). The tongue drum always delivers the good feels. Maybe the idea of stereo, or possibly even inspired by Q Rosh track last week of the two guitar tracks: I decided to mix two or even sometimes three of the tongue drum tracks. Some more zeze (samples), some keys, pitched down tongue drum for basses, then a little chop chop here and there, and I was beat for Saturday. Today I decided more drums needed, so out came talking drum and djembe. Too many drums? Mix is crunchy. Sounded like it was recorded in a bedroom with cheap equipment … because it was. Funny that there are plugins made to make things dirty and crunchy like this. In truth I threw some things at the mix, but decided not to overthink. Let it be what it is. Sigh. Another one!

New release this week. Check it out here: Pirate Circus



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